24 Kitchen Storage Ideas To Get Organized Once

Everyone surely wants to have a super tidy and clean kitchen, especially a housewife. A tidy kitchen boosts our mood to do cooking.

Everyone surely wants to have a super tidy and clean kitchen, especially a housewife. A tidy kitchen boosts our mood to do cooking. As a housewife, we usually put anything we need in the kitchen to ease our process of cooking like fridge, kitchen set, shelves, kitchen utensils, household appliances and so on. Too much stuff in the kitchen absolutely will make us confused to tidy them up. So, we need to know some excellent tricks to solve this problem.

To store some kitchen stuff, you can use your kitchen wall as a spot to place a floating shelf. This kind of shelf helps you to put your seasoning, oil bottle, cookies jar, jam jar, etc. Another simple storage we can try is the area under the sink. This area is hidden but it is believed that this area is closed so that you can make a small cupboard, drawer, or box to store your stuff or clean dishes. If there is still much food you want to store, you are not only able to put your food inside the food cabinet, but you might use a food basket to store more food. Check these pictures below so you can get some inspirations to make storage for your kitchen.

The floating shelves are simple storage but functional to give extra storage in the kitchen. Besides that, this storage looks natural with wood material.
The wooden floating shelves make the kitchen neater and cleaner. You can put some plates and mugs that are important things for the kitchen.
Place the floating shelves above the sink and combine with cabinet to make this kitchen neater and comfortable.
Besides above the sink, place the floating shelves at the corner can be inspiring to fill the empty space in the kitchen.
Make a cabinet under the sink you can also try for kitchen storage. But you can also make floating shelves at the corner of the room to put some glassware and ornaments.
Wood is very popular for making shelves and storage in the kitchen. Besides being easy, this material also gives a natural impression in your kitchen.
If it is not enough to use a wall shelf, adding some drawers and cabinets can also be tried as storage for this kitchen. Installing shelves above the countertop and cabinet with drawers underneath is a way to save space.

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Choosing a small cabinet mounted on the wall, you can also try to sweeten the design of this kitchen. Furthermore, it can also add a small shelf under the countertop for extra storage.
Applying wooden shelves above the sink and several small cabinets underneath is an effective way to make the kitchen neater.
Not only shelves, the cabinet will be the perfect storage to give a clean and neat impression. With the cabinet, you can save all the mess in the kitchen.
A small cupboard to store some equipment is perfect for a small space. Besides this is small furniture, the cupboard has a large space to save many things.
Multifunctional shelves like this picture are very good for small kitchens. In addition to putting glassware, you can make a hanger at the bottom to hang several cups.
Storing some spices does not have to be in a cupboard, you can also arrange them on a wooden shelf like this picture. Looks neat and easy to pick it up.
To organize a small kitchen, try to make a versatile wall shelf. In addition to storing utensils, you can also put some ornaments as a sweetener for this kitchen decoration.
With the perfect arrangement for your kitchen, you don’t need to worry about cleaning it. However, to keep it neat, you can make storage such as cupboards and several drawers under the sink.
To clean up all the mess in the kitchen, you can make a cupboard to store your utensils. Besides looking neat, this room feels cleaner.
Besides to store some glassware, the floating shelves are perfect to save the fresh house plants. This make the kitchen neater and fresher.
To get a more modern impression, making iron shelves and some stainless steel tools is the right way. With this iron storage material, it will be more durable.
White shades are very popular with many people especially those who like a clean and fresh atmosphere. However, to tidy it up, you have to make some storage such as shelves and cabinets.
The wooden cabinet with sliding doors is very good for a small kitchen. In addition to natural, wood material like this is very suitable for a rural style kitchen.
Attaching a cabinet to the wall will save a lot of space in the kitchen. If you still need extra storage, you can make a drawer or cabinet under the sink.
If you like knick-knacks to sweeten the kitchen, try making floating shelves to store your collection like in this picture. With this rack, you can expose and save your collection.
The sliding door for the cabinet will also make your kitchen neat. With this design, of course, the kitchen does not seem to have storage, when in fact it has very large storage.
The combination of racks and drawers for kitchen storage gives a neater look. Moreover, by adding shades of white that will make this kitchen design more natural and clean.

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