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23 DIY Rustic Storage Ideas You Can Try

If you have a lot of time, it will be much better if you make your own DIY storage. Here you can manage to make storage based on your needs. Next consider the space and budget of your home.

If you have a lot of time, it will be much better if you make your own DIY storage. Here you can manage to make storage based on your needs. Next consider the space and budget of your home. Generally the easiest and most beautiful material for DIY storage is wood. In addition, it can improve the rural style. But this wood storage is very flexible, because you can apply it to any style.

There are several rooms that you can add to storage, for example your child’s room. If your child’s room is too small with too many toys, try to make storage suitable for your child’s bed. This saves a lot of space while your child’s room will look neat at the same time. Here, your coffee table can also be added with storage. The method is the same as the bed above. Use storage under the table and use it to store your magazines and newspapers. For the kitchen, of course you can make your own DIY storage too. You can design storage to place spices, dishes, spur, etc. Because there are many advantages in making DIY storage, don’t waste your time and check the following picture below. Now get inspired and start your own DIY project. Good luck!

Give the beauty and neatness of your child’s bedroom. With a minimalist design, you can add storage under the bed. Here, you can save your child’s toys to look neat.

This simple bedroom design is suitable for your inspiration. Here you can add a shelf to store books under your bed. Furthermore, you can decorate with paintings that you can put on the wall.

The beauty of your child’s bedroom now looks very beautiful. In addition, provide a storage rack to place your child’s books and toys. As a result, your child’s room will look neat and comfortable.

From unique wood materials, this additional storage can create beauty and neatness in your kitchen. Here, you can place your tools neatly. Now, you can feel the neatness and beauty of your kitchen.

Placing a storage cabinet beside the bed is the right choice. Here, wooden storage cabinets can make your room look neat and comfortable.

This creative idea is very suitable tone applied in your room. Here, additional storage shelves under the bed are perfect for tidying up your things. As a result, you will be able to get the beauty and extraordinary neatness in your bedroom.

With an attractive wooden bed, you can make additional storage shelves on your bed. Here, you can place your favorite books and shoes. As a result, you easily pick up and organize your things so as to create a neat atmosphere in your room.

When you have a minimalist room, you can add your empty space with additional storage shelves. Here, the tone can spruce up some of your stuff so you can easily find and store it.

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Make a wooden box for additional storage like this you should try. Next, you can tidy up some sofa cushions when not in use and put them into the box. So, the atmosphere in your living room will feel comfortable and look neat.

Here, you can provide a storage basket in the kitchen to store cooking ingredients. With materials from iron, this basket is able to tidy up food ingredients so that your kitchen looks neat and clean.

Creating a unique table, which is at the same time for storing books like this is amazing. With wood and glass materials, this table design can look beautiful in your rural living room.

Decor the driveway of tone homes by placing incredible wooden storage shelves. Here, you can decorate it with plants. As a result, this additional storage can provide beauty at the entrance to your home.

Placing a storage rack in the driveway of a house with wood material, is an extraordinary idea. The beauty that is created makes a classic and unique impression. Here, beauty and neatness will be created that will make you feel comfortable.

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Sticking right next to the toilet, this wooden storage rack looks special. With white color, making beauty and rustic impression created in your bathroom.

With natural wood, this storage rack can give beauty to your bathroom. By sticking it on the wall, this wooden shelf is more adorned with green plants.

This wooden rug and wicker basket look beautiful as a storage in your minimalist bathroom. With a white design, your bathroom looks more elegant. As a result, you will get beauty and reach in your bathroom.

In a minimalist bathroom, you can add a wooden shelf to store your toiletries. Here you can put it on the sink by sticking it on the wall. Now, your minimalist bathroom will look more presentable and stylish.


This beautiful wooden shelf is suitable for you to place under your kitchen table. With a unique design, this wooden storage provides neatness in your kitchen. As a result, you will feel the beauty and comfort while in the kitchen.

With a unique design, this sliding shelf provides beauty and neatness in your kitchen. Here, you can store your cooking utensils on a storage rack. The result, your kitchen will look beautiful and neat.

This creative idea can inspire you. By providing wooden shelves and hangers on the stove, then you can store your cooking utensils so they look neat. Apart from that, you can easily find the cookware that you will use.

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This wooden box-shaped table, provides an extraordinary double function. On the one hand, as a table with a unique design. Meanwhile, it also functions as a storage rack to make it look neat. Now, your guests’ roars look very unique and interesting.

Placing wooden box as additional storage will make the living room tone attractive. Here, your living room will look attractive and neat. So, you will feel comfortable with your family while in the living room.

Giving a classic impression, you can do this by adding wooden storage shelves to your guests. Right under the TV, this wooden shelf and wicker basket is suitable for storing your belongings. As a result, your living room will look classic and neat.


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