22 Beautiful Garden Pathway Ideas that Inspire

By | January 2, 2020

We often found a pathway at the garden or on people’s yards. Beside for the artistic value, it is useful for people to walk through the garden without stepping the plants. Garden’s pathway also important for you to be connected with some parts of your garden that means you can have a good movement from side to side on your garden based on your needs.

Pathways can be created from numerous materials depending on your garden’s style and your dominant sense landscape. For the stone material, you can create a romantic stone walkway that embraces a garden fountain by arranging it into the stone mosaic. Beside the stone, you can also use circle piece of woods and design it as footing area by giving space on each piece of woods. Next, you can use the red bricks or cinder blocks that can be arranged into a modern twist design. At last, you can combine all the materials to create a wonderful pathways based on your own creativity. Simply combine the wood with the stone or the bricks with the stone on each side, etc.

Park paths made of stone display a natural style. In addition, green plants with blooming flowers make your garden more beautiful.
The combination of footpaths with gravel makes your garden style more attractive. In addition, you can plant greenery on the side of the road to make your garden more beautiful.
The simple design of the garden with greenery and footpaths gives your garden its own beauty. In addition, this design is very easy to make.
Amazing garden design with greenery, blooming flowers and garden lights gives its own beauty to your garden. In addition, the path makes the path for your garden.
A unique path that combines cement and concrete stone. Besides the greenery and grass on the side of the road displays a beautiful style for your garden. In closing you can put a lounger for your lounging area.
This wooden footpath makes your garden look attractive. In addition, greenery and trees create a very elegant and fresh feel to your garden.
Very charming design for a garden. Beautiful footpaths with greenery and grass give a fresh impression to your garden.
The green plants that propagate and also as cold make it look unique. In addition you can make paths with cement.
Creating a beautiful garden is not difficult. With this simple design that will display a beautiful style for your garden.
The elegant design of your garden will be more attractive with footpaths made of bricks. With a distinctive color this stone pad gives a beautiful impression. In closing you can plant greenery so that your yard is fresher.
The idea of a simple park path by using bricks in a square shape gives a unique gay. Green grass will also give beauty to your garden.
The paths in your garden give a natural impression. With large stones arranged neatly it will look very attractive. Green plants and flowers will add beauty to your garden.
A very cool park path with a combination of green grass displays your perfect garden. In essence, a beautiful garden is not a luxurious design, but a simple design with an elegant style.
The beautiful garden will provide a cool and fresh atmosphere for your yard. Besides this plant, you can make a path in the middle so you can enjoy this beautiful atmosphere.
Green plants with blooming flowers display a beautiful style for your garden. In addition, you can make a path in your garden. Making this will make your garden more perfect.
The footpath made of gravel gives an interesting impression. In addition, you can add green plants on the side of the road to make it more beautiful.
Many designs for paths in your garden. One of them by using a large stone like the picture above. Besides making your garden more beautiful, this design also makes naturalness in your garden.
Large boulders used as footpaths feature a natural style. Besides making the park more beautiful. planting colored flowers make your garden more beautiful.
A beautiful garden with greenery gives your garden freshness. In addition, you can add a path to your garden to enjoy the view in your yard.
Green plants and trees display a modern style to your garden. Besides that the footpath made of cement made a simple garden path.
The footpath made of cement in a round shape looks very unique. In addition, green grass and small plants are very fresh memorable for your garden.
Green plants decorated with garden lights make your garden look very beautiful. In addition, you can create paths that combine with gravel to connect your garden paths.
There are many ways to make a path in your garden. In addition to making the park path, this design will provide its own beauty for your garden.

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