24 Simple DIY to Make Shoes Rack To Storing Your Shoe Collection

By | December 13, 2019

Besides clothes, shoes are the most important thing for women. In general, the percentage of clothes with shoes they have is almost the same, because women need to combine matching clothes and shoes they wear. In storing shoes, of course, different from storing clothes. Storing our shoes requires more space. So that we usually experience big turmoil when we want to save your shoes. Now, you don’t need to be confused with this, because we have several models of shoe rack designs that you can make yourself according to the size of your room and your desires. Whether you want an open or closed storage rack, you can find sources of inspiration.

Besides the design that fits with the desire, you can also apply quality ingredients in this matter. Whether from wood, iron, aluminum, brochure, or from the best ingredients of your choice. The shoe rack design is equally important, because in addition to the best material, a charming design will also help to enhance the beauty in the best storage model.

The neatness is created by attaching a white wooden shelf on the wall. Furthermore, you can organize your shoe collection neatly and comfortably.

Created unique in the form of a prism, this wooden shoe rack is very beautiful in the corner of your room. Now, you will get convenience when choosing the shoes that you wear.

Using the space under the bed, you can now store your shoe collection with wooden boards. The result, you will create neatness and ease when choosing your shoe collect

Located on the side of the wardrobe and bedroom wall, this shoe rack design is very interesting and unique for you to try. As with other rooms, with this design, room tones will look neat and attractive.

Utilizing used materials, you can make a shoe container from a used container. Here, pipe pieces can be stacked to put your shoe collection. The result you will get the beauty of this unique rack design.

This natural wood cupboard is suitable for placing several collections of your shoes. Here you can place it in a corner of the room and stick it on the wall.

Unique impression, how to store these shoes can inspire you. By making several bags, you can safely store your shoe collection safely and neatly.

Under the stairs, this shoe storage idea is perfect for you to try. With a wooden sliding rack, you can place your shoes neatly and safely.

Place an iron ladder on the wall to hang some of your shoes. The result you will get beauty and beautiful neatness.

This large storage cabinet design is suitable for those of you who have many shoe collections. Now, you can tidy up your shoe collection neatly and easily taken.

With the large collection of shoes, maybe you will be difficult to organize and choose the shoes you will wear. Now, there are creative ideas that make your shoe collection neat. With an elegant iron rack, you can tidy up your shoe collection. In addition, hang your shoes with an iron hanger. Then arrange neatly with a rope. Now you will enjoy the beauty and neatness when choosing tone shoes.

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This unique way you can try to spruce up your shoes collection at home. Here you can put your shoes in an iron bucket painted with a color of choice. Then, put it in an open cupboard to make it look neat and attractive.

This shoe rack design is quite unique and creative. With wooden shelves and iron supports, these beautiful shoes can be arranged neatly beside the wall. Now, besides being unique and interesting, you easily get a collection of shoes and create neatness in your room.

With the art of creativity, you can create a unique shoe rack from wood. Initially, make box from wood, then paint with several colors. Next, stick it on a wooden wall and put your shoe collection. The result you will get the beauty of design and neatness in your room.

Being in a large closet, your shoe collection will be neat and safe. With an orange vault, it will create an extraordinary storage style.

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Right next to the stairs, this wooden shoe rack creates beauty and neatness. Here, you can neatly arrange your shoe collection. With white color makes an elegant impression.

With elegant colors, this white wooden shelf looks beautiful next to your stairs. Here, you can place your shoe tone collection and arrange it neatly.

Still with creative ideas, now you can make wooden shelves to place your shoe collection. Furthermore, to save space, you can place it under the sofa. As a result you will get great neatness and safety.

Under the sofa, this shoe storage rack design saves space. With a lid, you can safely store your shoe collection safely and neatly.

Located in the corner of the room, this shoe storage design is very unique and attractive. With a round shape that can be closed, making the security of your shoes will be maintained.

Made of iron, this basket on the wall will be the safest and most beautiful shoe. With a beautiful design, this shoe basket makes it easy for you to find a collection of shoes that you will wear.

Arranged vertically, this wicker basket looks beautiful for shoe tone storage. Add a wooden stand with brown color and decorate it with pretty flowers next to it.

This is a unique and attractive shoe rack design. With wood, this design is more beautiful to spruce up your shoe collection.

Unique and beautiful, this shoe rack makes its own beauty in your room. Plus the white color, making an elegant impression. The result you will get beauty and perfect neatness.

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