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54 Modern Design Layout Ideas for Family Room

You’ve just signed the paperwork to your brand new home and cannot wait to start decorating! You know what the bedrooms are going to look like, the view from the windows, the kitchen setup, and you are ecstatic to get started on your new family room. You have been looking in magazines at family room furniture, layouts, ideas, and pictures.

Should you go with a more modern type feel? Do you want to keep things cozy with a taste of southern tradition? The good news is, the choice is yours! It’s your place. Now, let’s get to work on the ideas for your new layout. As you already know, there will glorious times to share with friends and loved ones in your new room.

You can do an online search for a rug centerpiece and place a glass top coffee table on it so that you and your guests will have a place to set refreshments, books, artwork, or maybe you just want it to kick back and throw those tired feet upon once you arrive home from work. That’s the beauty of having your own place. You can do with it as you wish! I was attending a get together last weekend at a coworker’s home and they had an amazing family room that we spent most of our time in.

What really blew me away wasn’t what was in the room, but outside the family room window stood a custom wild bird feeder her husband had made. It was literally covered in birds! All of us guests were astonished at the peacefulness we received just from watching mother nature.

There was no television. There wasn’t even a need for one. We had the best film we could have seen going on live in front of us just outside the window. I actually asked her husband to make my wife and I a feeder as well and look forward to adding it to our outside view from our very own family room.

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